Guest House policy

Dear Guests,
We ask you to please be mindful of our policies in order to make your stay a pleasant one.

Checking-in and Departure

The Guest House accepts arrivals between 2:00pm and 10:00 pm. If you do plan to arrive earlier or later then please let us know in advance by phone.

Departure time is before 10:00am. It is also possible to leave later as long as you make arrangements with us beforehand.

On arrival, guests will be provided with a room key and gate code for car park access.

Visitors are allowed although anyone who hasn’t registered in advance cannot be accommodated for overnight stays.

Payment Terms

Accommodation fees are to be paid on arrival, excluding the 50% booking fee.
Guests can also choose to pay their accommodation fee in cash.

Deposit Payment Terms:

For all individual bookings , a deposit of 50% of the accommodation fee must be paid within 5 working days of receipt of confirmation. If the booking date is within 4 calendar days of the arrival date, 100% of the accommodation fee is to be paid by bank transfer on the day of booking. We will send a confirmation of the booking to the email address provided. The reservation will only be valid if the requested reservation is received on time, otherwise the Guest House is not obliged to maintain the offer.

The deposit can be paid to the following bank account:

S.C. Picimfalum 88 S.R.L.
Bank: OTP Bank Romania SA
IBAN: RO73OTPV260000951315RO01
VAT no. RO34751428

Please indicate the name and booking number in the heading.

If you leave the accommodation before the end of the booked period, the accommodation fee corresponding to the number of nights booked in advance will have to be paid or we will not be able to refund the fee.

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled up to 10 days before date of arrival , the total price of the reservation will be charged an refunded within 6 months of the date of cancellation, subject to availability. In case of a refund, 2% of the gross amount of the deposit will be charged as a handling fee.

If the guest does not cancel the reservation in writing within 7 days prior to arrival, the Guest House will not be entitled to refund the deposit.


Smoking is allowed only on the terrace of the Guest House or in the yard. Any kind of open flame inside the building is strictly forbidden. We kindly ask our guests to dispose of cigarette butts and other smoking residue from the allocated areas in order to keep them clean.

Use of Rooms and Furnishings

We hand over the Guest House to our guests in a clean and tidy condition. In the event of a problem with cleanliness, please let us know on arrival so that we can resolve it as soon as possible because we don’t clean during your stay except on request and at an additional cost.

We ask our dear guests to take care of the furnishings and household items. We have made them with great love and care for your relaxation and comfort. Please do not remove any furnishings from the rooms of the Guest House and please do not rearrange the furniture.

We would prefer if guests ate their meals in the kitchen and dining room and not in the bedrooms.

For fire safety, please do not bring any flammable materials (not even candles) into the rooms. Guests are kindly requested to report any problems to the following phone number: +36/30 856 8812

Use of Car Park

A camera-protected, closed car park is available for motor vehicles. The driveway opens and closes electronically using the remote control. Please also pay attention to the cleanliness of the car park.

Use of Fireplace

The Guest House has a wonderful fireplace that provides an atmosphere of harmony and comfort to all our guests, so we especially ask you to use it with care and caution. We will be very happy to show you how to use it! Also, fires in the yard of the Guest House are only allowed in the designated fireplace.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!